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Listed below are some of  the best places in the state of Indiana, Kentucky & Southern Michigan to take your JEEP off-road. Add your reviews and thoughts and share your thoughts of each place to help those who haven't been to a particular location.

Named after the Redbird Coal Mine, the property is approximately 1,400 acres of former surface and underground coal mine land. Its unique history has given us both treasures and challenges. Miles of trails for all skill levels bring ORV enthusiasts to the property and reward them with rich and diverse experiences. Gentle slopes to the technically difficult, can be found at Redbird. The mining operations also left us with a property that has required extensive reclamation efforts that continue today, and will continue into the future. Several acres within Redbird are highly sensitive and require visitors to be ever respectful and aware of the land. Fortunately, these challenges heighten our awareness of the need for trails that thrill our visitors and give us the opportunity to provide diverse recreation opportunities.

In addition to the miles of off-road vehicle trails, there are easily accessed quality fishing lakes, hiking is allowed over most of the property, mushrooming is a favorite activity, and mountain bikes are welcome. As reclamation projects are completed more areas will be opened and non-motorized trails will be built. Plans for the future include picnic areas, accessible walking and biking trails, and interpretive areas that tell about the coal mining operations and subsequent reclamation.

Whether you are wandering through thick wooded acres or traversing challenging hills and ravines you’ll be tired and satisfied by the end of the day.

15298 W County Road 350 N
Linton, IN 47441
812-847-0146 (Main)
812-847-9172 (Gatehouse)

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Badlands Off Road Park is an 800+ Acre, multi directional, multi terrain Off Road Park. Located just off of HWY 41 & HWY 74, Badlands Off Road Park is ideal for beginners & intermediate riders and offers extremely challenging terrain for the most experienced riders! This family friendly park offers an MX Track, sand, rock, mud dunes, and wooded trails for all styles of vehicles including ATVs, Dirt Bikes, RZRs & Side by Sides, Jeeps & 4x4 Trucks available 362 days a year. Visit our Pro Shop. Check out new vehicles at Attica Motorsports (Polaris Dealership). Check out the campground and vacation rentals at Off The Trail Vacation Rentals & Campground.

3968 N Xavier Rd
Attica, IN 47918
(765) 762-2981

Interlake State Recreation Area (ISRA), former coal mine land straddling Pike and Warrick counties, is a multi-use recreational facility focusing on off-road vehicle (ORV) recreation. Interlake is approximately 3,550 acres with nearly 100 miles of trails and 17 lakes (many of which can be accessed for fishing). The three areas of mining and reclamation create a variety of trail experiences for ORV enthusiasts, horse riders, hikers and mountain bikers. From steep spoil banks to rolling grasslands, man-made lakes and strip pits, Interlake offers a diverse array of topography and scenic views.

200 E. State Road 68
Lynnville, IN
812-922-0002 (Office)

Seeing the Silver Lake Sand Dunes for the first time. Walking barefoot along their peaks of warm sand. Feeling your hair whip back as your ORV takes you up and over one of their towering mountains!

You land! And there’s Lake Michigan as far as the eye can see before you.

The Sand Dunes of Silver Lake are for everyone. You neither have to be an expert dune buggy driver nor a veteran hiker to experience them close-up. No matter your age or physical ability, there’s a way to take in the amazing beauty and majesty that these dunes have to offer.

2388 North Comfort Drive
Hart, MI
(231) 873-2247

Haspin Acres Off Road & Motocross Park in Laurel, Indiana has 750 scenic acres of wooded hills and trails, nestled in the heart of beautiful, rustic, rural Indiana! Relax and enjoy the great outdoors with us, doing the things you REALLY enjoy, like off road riding, racing, camping, fishing, and so much more! Escape to Haspin Acres......Where the pavement ends, and the FUN begins!

21208 Laurel Road 

Laurel, IN



Dirty Turtle Offroad PARK is 286 acres of prime offroading land located in Bedford, KY. DTOR is open to anything offroad.  Jeeps, Buggy, SxS, RZR, ATV, etc.  Our trail system offers a wide array of trails to accommodate everyone. Whether you are new to offroading or have been wheelin' for years, you will find most everything you are looking for in a full day of trailriding at DTOR.

93 Bucks Run Rd.
Bedford, KY
(502) 645-0791

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